Dancong Phoenix White Tea
Dancong Phoenix White Tea
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Dancong Phoenix White Tea

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Dancong Phoenix White Tea | 凤凰单丛白茶
A light and refreshing tea from a family-run farm in Phoenix Mountain (“Feng Huang Shan凤凰山) - an area renowned for its Dancong teas in Chaozhou, China.
White teas undergo the least number of post-harvest processes, which preserves and elevates its inherent natural flavours. This tea is slightly fermented after harvest, and then left to air-dry. 

Unlike traditional white tea, the techniques of firing and rolling are not utilised in this version. With less human intervention in the tea processes, original and natural flavours are locked in the leaves.

This tea is from an early spring harvest when the tea bushes have just ended their winter hibernation. Inherent nutrients and flavours are just starting to shred for the new year, these are stored in the leaves that we enjoy. 

This tea exudes floral fragrance and a signature honey-like sweetness. It is smooth in texture and refreshing to the palate.

Fine quality, whole-leaf and all natural. Handpicked and hand processed in small batches for the freshest brew.
Taste Notes: Smooth with natural signature honey-like sweetness
Aroma: Floral
Tea Colour: Crisp and clear light yellow.
Packaging: Available in 50g (Resealable Pouch).

Find out more about tea processes that make teas what they are from our tea guide.

Brewing suggestions:
5g Tea Leaves 
 330ml of water 
 3-5 mins