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Convivial Tea Guide

  • Tea Processes and Techniques

    Let’s look at the processes that make teas what they are. While processing techniques are largely similar at each stage, it is the selection of techniques and the degree to which the leaves are placed under that results in the tasty teas that we enjoy.


  • Fermented Tea: Pu-Erh and How to Store It

    Pu-Erh is a variety of tea traditionally from the province of Yunnan, China. Like wine, Pu-erh can be stored for years if kept well, in fact antique Pu-erh leaves can go as far 1920s are highly priced and auctioned for their rarity! This attribute differentiates Pu-erh from other teas which loses its flavour if kept for too long. So, how should such teas be stored to preserve their flavours as long as possible?
  • Oxidation & Fermentation in Teas

    Tea leaves undergo oxidation and fermentation to bring out their unique aromas and flavours. What is the difference between oxidation and fermentation in teas?